Folding and Rolling Shutters



Folding and Rolling Shutters products have been technologically engineered for maximum protection from direct sunlight, from damage caused by violent storms, and from property loss or damage due to criminal entry. Our shutters pay for themselves through more efficient cooling of the home, condominium or business. Easy to open and close folding and rolling Shutters are elegant and secure every home.

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Bahama Shutters

Virtually weatherproof and maintenance-free, the Nassau Bahama aluminum shutter looks just like a traditional wooden Bahama. The difference is that the Nassau Bahama awning is specially engineered for quality, durability and long-lasting protection. Each Bahama Awning allows total visibility from the inside while completely shading the window area. Each extruded slat is slanted at a precise angle to provide total privacy yet allow a free flow of air and filtered sunlight.

Folding Shutter Corporation

Colonial Shutters


Patterned after the original wooden shutter of Olde New England, the Cape Cod Colonial enhances the beauty of your home, condominium, or office building while assuring protection against violent weather conditions. Naturally, the Cape Cod Colonial installs easily without special tools or complex instructions. It opens and closes effortlessly to provide a sound barrier against howling winds and driving rains.

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